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Guiding curious seekers since 2000 to expand awareness, rediscover their inner light 
through angel connections, guidance sessions, Reiki, and metaphysical classes
 that instruct and enrich.

Your path has brought you here by divine design. 

Blessings and Light,


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Metaphysical Classes: Find the page here 

This is a full list of classes.

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coming up! 

May 15th 7:00-8:30 Just posted!

ANGELS 1 class Learn to raise your vibration, clear your energy field, ground and protect yourself and connect with angelic forces and divine realm.    BE AN ANGEL prepay your spot 

MAY 29 7:00-8:30 Just posted!

Pendulums and Muscle testing for Health. Rosemary and Gina co-teach how to check your supplements. 


Start your journey here: Divine Path  

  7:00-8:15 pm special price! $25.00

*Check back for this date.

I'll be setting up for Sunday only (event is 19 and 20 fyi)

MAY 20  Riverview Kennel 197 Foul Rift Rd. Belvidere, NJ  I'll offer intuitive angelic readings/cards and sell nifty animal magnets too.

12-4 come visit!

Reiki level 1  JUNE 11  or June 30 10-3:30 Scroll down to learn more. Prepay 1 week prior, but please confirm your intention prior.

complimentary Reiki review session included in your fee.

Reiki Level 2  June  23 10-3:30  Your reiki energy increases 4X. 

Reiki 1 NOTES REVIEW Complimentary review coming up *date will post after Reiki 1 session commences.  9:00-10:30 for Reiki students trained recently. Contact me if you are attending. 

If I didn't train you, there is a $50 fee for attendance, but you must be Reiki trained at the level we are reviewing.

Energy Clearing

Space Clearing

Spiritual Protection class


May 6 Inn at Millrace Yellow building- Meet with me for intuitive angelic guided guidance 15 minutes sessions



Blessing Bottles $14 small, $15 larger

Reiki blessed, made by Rosemary. Purchase at my office. 

Sage Kits: Reiki charged, painted, created by Rosemary

Sage, feather, directions, and shell $25 by mail or

special price for pick up!

Trusted People: 

Looking for a great kennel? Riverview Kennel in Belvidere, NJ   boarding, grooming, animal massage

Lisa owns this awesome new kennel! Lisa is Reiki level 1, soon to be level 2 Reiki.

Need Animal Reiki?  Bee Calm Reiki with Gina  

Gina is a Reiki Master teacher and friend I trained.

LINK Stephen Hawkins inspiration

Learn Reiki

I've used it since 1997.

I've had the pleasure of training nearly

102 students and 8 Master teachers 

Learn Reiki level 1    April 12 or 19

Reiki 1 refresher will post in April

Reiki 1 90 minute notes review follow-up session included in your price!


If i didn't train you and you 'd like to attend:

show proof of your Reiki training and contact me. $50 fee


Reiki Students click below  

Reiki self-healing u-tube   hand positions for your info.

                                                         Reiki Level 2 Class  10:00am-3:30 Check back for a date

                                                         Monday Long Distance Reiki, Practioner level

                                                         second symbol, manual, attunement and manual. 

                                                         click Reiki 2 link to learn more. e-mail me [email protected]

                                                            REIKI  3 Master  training You must contact me.**

                                                            REIKI 4 Master Teacher- for those who wish to attune and teach it. 

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